26 thoughts on “Caption This…

  1. I meant Uncle FESTER and Lurch, the Washtington Years.
    (you know from the Adams family.) Stupid fingers, I wish I could count on them.

  2. Denny: Now, Georgie, now baby, don’t put my love on some shelf.
    W.P.E.: Don’t hand me no lines, and keep your hands to yourself.

  3. No, Mr. President! That’s MY chocolate-chicken pot pie! THAT’S A BAD PRESIDENT!

  4. Hastert: “You can rely on my truthfullness just as you can rely on, uh, what’s his name here”

  5. Denny? Where’s your hand?
    Between two pillows…
    Uh, Denny? Those aren’t pillows!

  6. I know your ass is wide, Denny…but that’s *my* back pocket.
    On second thought, I kinda like it. hehehe

  7. “Does he have his wee-wee out? I can’t look, cause they’re photoing. But I really want to know, but I can’t look. DOES HE HAVE HIS WEE-WEE OUT? Uh-oh, I think I said that out loud. This presidenting is hard.”
    — Paul in LA

  8. the first thing that came to mind seeing this was a BTVS quote.
    “”This is the crack team that foils my every plan? I am deeply shamed.”

    (Offscreen): Very good. Mr. Bush, your word is QUAGMIRE.

  10. Yeah, ellroon beat me to it – I was thinking:
    Bush: Oh, man, what crawled up my ass and died…or…

  11. Bush, thinking to himself:
    “he just grabbed my ass. and i’m kinda liking it”

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