Your Liberal Media: Stupid Squared Edition

What a backwards-ass bunch of idiots we’re harboring in this fucking country:

Pete Wilson, the anchor of ABC’s local evening news and host of a radio show on KGO 810 AM, criticized Supervisor Bevan Dufty and his friend Rebecca Goldfader, who are sharing a home and co-parenting a newborn, during a radio broadcast Tuesday.

Their daughter, Sidney, was born last week. Wilson, who said he supports same-sex marriage and lesbian and gay couples raising children, referred to her as an “experiment” because they’re not in a romantic relationship.

“The Dufty-Goldfader baby is, in my mind, a travesty,” Wilson said during an hour he devoted to the topic on air. “Or a potential travesty. Perhaps that’s a better way of saying it.”

Later in his show, Wilson said, “At some point there is a limit to how far we stretch the self-indulgent search for the alternative that we have been involved in the last 30 or 40 years in this country.”

Via Romenesko.

For the record, I know plenty of married people raising kids who are not in what anyone would characterize as a romantic relationship, so can we just stop with this stupid self-important list of pre-reqs everybody’s got for how other people’s kids should grow up? Honestly.

Parenting has always looked to me, the outsider, as hard efuckingnough without everybody and their brother telling you ought to be doing it their way and that living in the city dooms your kid to be a crackhead, or that “you can’t raise children without” insert issue X here, or that the kind of baby seat you’re using is gonna deform your kid, or that your kid is not a kid at all but an “experiment” because you’re not living the way some local-news jackhole wants you to live.

Everybody’s gotta figure out what works for them, and in a perfect world, everybody would have the economic and social freedom to make whatever choice suited them best, and we’d all be over this nosy-neighbor-cult bullshit that says the rest of the world needs to approve of what you’re doing before it’s okay.


9 thoughts on “Your Liberal Media: Stupid Squared Edition

  1. Who the hell is this Pete Wilson to tell anybody how to live their lives?!? Talk about self-indulgent!!!! Or, maybe just self-important. Man, I’m sick of these spokes-model reporters that think we give a shit what they think!

  2. This douchebag is on the air in San Francisco and is spouting this garbage? Sounds like a rating ploy, which is no less despicable.
    Imagine. A planned-for child with a mother and a father that love it.
    That’s a real travesty, all right.

  3. I went on a rant on this. Why? Because as you all know I’ve been focusing on the KGO brother station that is a right wing hate fest 24/7.
    I wrote a letter and cced the journalists in the area:
    You’ve seen this from me before so I won’t foul First Draft will all my comments, but here’s the first part:
    Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer
    Dear Wyatt:
    Why all the outrage over something said at KGO radio when their sister station, KSFO, spews out much more atrocious stuff every single day?
    Nobody created a stink when KSFO evening host Brian Sussman, former TV weather man of KPIX, told a caller to “Say Allah is a wh*re.” The people at the city council didn’t scream when Sussman came out in favor of torture, talked about cutting off the pen*s of an Iraqi or suggested that we kill 10 million Muslims because he guessed that was the number that were trying to kill us. Sure a bunch of advertisers pulled their ads based on my work and one of my readers, but it didn’t make the front page because he only had 10,000s of thousands of listeners and he wasn’t on TV.
    Sadly your own paper did a story about KSFO’s Melanie Morgan that was little more than a puff piece since it failed to show what she and her co-hosts said that made them “controversial”. It’s all about being on TV isn’t it?
    When Lee Rogers, Morgan’s co-host called for the torture and the shooting of a black man in Lincoln Nebraska I guess it was fine because nobody who was a journalist listened. (except an ex-journalist who thought it was funny, like Melanie Morgan.) She thought it was hilarious when Tom Brenner, “Officer Vic” joked about the electrocution of New York Times editor, Bill Keller.
    KSFO is the SECOND most popular talk station (4th overall) in the Bay Area but people don’t bother to call them on their hate spewing. Why? I don’t know. But KSFO is managed by the same people who manage KGO. And if they won’t fire Sussman, Morgan or Rogers for their comments they sure as hell aren’t going to fire Wilson.

  4. Pete Wilson is pretty representative of the class of local newscasters we enjoy here in the Bay Area.
    One among many reasons I haven’t watched local news since I moved here.
    He’s just as pretentious and self important as he sounds here.

  5. .
    anyone who wants to take a serious look a parenting is going to find that a substantial percentage of hetero couples are grossly unqualitifed to raise stable, secure person. it stands to reason that with so many so-called “adults” unable manage their own lives, they are immeasurably unqualified to perform the countless and continuous self-less tasks that it takes to raise a child that feels loved. instead, what we get with all immature, self-centered adults running around is unloved children and all the attendant horrors that that can bring, i.e., we get republicans.

  6. a substantial percentage of hetero couples are grossly unqualitifed to raise stable, secure person.
    Case in point, Dubya.
    And really, don’t they want people raising kids as opposed to aborting them? Many people people raise family members children for one reason or another, Randi Rhodes raised her sisters kid after she lost her battle with cancer, I know people raising relatives because the parent is in rehab or prison or irresponsible.
    It’s a shame that the republican party lacks any sense of humanity or maybe I should say sense or humanity.
    Sure, it’s classless pandering to their hate groups, but really, does it have to be on the public airwaves?
    More power to ya, Spocko. What else can we do?

  7. a substantial percentage of hetero couples are grossly unqualitifed to raise stable, secure person.
    Case in point, Dubya.
    Or more to the point, the job of parenting done by George HW and Babs. Good god, what monstrous things did they do this son of theirs?

  8. Well, the Twins aren’t exactly what I’d call exemplary citizens.
    Still waiting for someone to ask Dubya when they’re going to sign up for his glorious expedition to Iraq!

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