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Once again we are treated to the robotic stylings of Dana Peroxide intoday’s gaggle.

Oh, and Potomac Flacks? Dana Peroxide isnot a“hottie”. Peroxide, seen here with Karl Rove drooling down her neck…

…is in no way“hot”. She willingly shills for the Bush Assministration, and by doing so she forfeits all pretentions to hotness. Corruption, torture and warmongering are not “hot”.

Now with that settled, on to the gaggle where we find Ms. Peroxide is a wee bit defensive.

One thing you’ll get soon — it’s being worked on at the White House — is a Setting the Record Straight on media reports that inaccurately distorted Prime Minister Maliki’s press conference yesterday. Basically the reports said that Maliki slammed the United States military diplomatic leaders for saying that — by saying that he would reject any sort of timetables. The way that those media reports came out was that he rejected any sort of benchmarks or goals in terms of policies.

The question he was asked was whether he agreed that there should be a timetable for withdrawal of troops in 18 months. That is something that Maliki has rejected as foolhardy, and that the President fully agrees with Maliki. And you’ve heard the President say that several times. So you’ll see that this afternoon. I think Tony Snow is doing some TV interviews on it now, although those are taped and will be shown later.

Right, Dana, we’ll just ignorethis:

“I affirm that this government represents the will of the people, and no one has the right to impose a timetable on it,” Maliki said at a nationally televised news conference Wednesday.

Later, decidedly un-hot Dana had to field a Limpbaugh question. Can you find her Freudian slip?

Q Any reaction to the tone of the campaign in the closing weeks, particularly in regard to the Rush comments on the Michael J. Fox ad, and also the Harold Ford ads that are running in Tennessee?

MS. PERINO: I haven’t seen the second one. I do know that Rush Limbaugh apologized for the — well, and it was appropriate to. The President was the first President to fund embryonic stem cell research. What he did with embryonic stem cell research, though, is draw a moral line that said that taxpayer dollars should not go to research that destroys embryos. We have been aggressive in funding for adult stem cell research and cord blood cell research that — both of which show great promise.

But that was that one moral — that was the moral line that the President said that he would not cross. It’s important that people understand that — what the policy is. It’s amazing to me and such a disappointment that repeatedly it’s said that the President is against any sort of stem cell research. That’s just not the case. So if I can help set the record straight here, I will.

If you guessed that Dana’s Freudian slip was when she almost said, “But that wasthe one moral line that the President said that he would not cross.”, you are right!

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