It’s Macacawitz By A Nose

Worst Senate Campaign (Ever?)

Sen. George Allen of Virginia is running the worst campaign in the country, political insiders said in a poll released Saturday by the National Journal.

Fifty-three percent of Republican and 66 percent of Democratic “insiders” think George Allen’s campaign is the sloppiest of the 2006 season, according to the survey of 138 political experts with campaign experience, insider knowledge and ties to key voting blocs.


The National Journal survey also listed Rep. Katherine Harris of Florida, Sen. Conrad Burns of Montana, and Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, all Republicans, among this year’s bad campaigners.

But on the flip side, the insiders (22 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of Democrats) named Tennessee Democrat Harold Ford as the year’s best campaigner. Rep. Ford, the son of a former U.S. representative, is running against Republican Bob Corker for the Senate seat of Majority Leader Bill Frist, who is not seeking re-election.

3 thoughts on “It’s Macacawitz By A Nose

  1. Wow, I thought Santorum and Harris were way, way ahead of Felix on the blithering incompetence front…

  2. If you really want to refer to “repeated exposure as a mysogynistic, racist asshat” as being “sloppy”, I guess I’d agree with the results.

  3. I was watching a show called the Adventures of Fanny from 1931. It took place in a port town of France. They refered to a monkey as a Macaca. I’m sure Allen’s mother doesn’t know what they were saying.

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