Judge Halts Republikkkan Voter Intimidation In Texas

Thank the diety for thejudiciary branch.

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Attorney General Greg Abbott to stop prosecuting Texans who help elderly and disabled voters cast their mail-in ballots.

The Texas Democratic Party sued Abbott and Secretary of State Roger Williams, arguing that the Republican officials are using state law to suppress minority and elderly voters. The Democrats claimed that the part of the state law they were using violates federal law.

“Attorney General Greg Abbott has shamefully abused a technicality in the law to unfairly target minorities and seniors, creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in certain Texas communities,” said Boyd Richie, state Democratic chairman.

“This injunction will put a stop to Abbott’s aggressive prosecution of well-meaning citizens who are simply helping their neighbors vote, and allow seniors and disabled individuals to cast their vote in the upcoming election without fear of being arrested.”

Abbott’s office has filed an appeal and asked that the case be expedited. Early voting ends Friday.


The law in question prohibits people from handling or mailing absentee ballots for voters who are not relatives or don’t live with them.

State lawmakers amended the law in 2003 to permit such assistance if the helper signs the envelope with a name and address.

Since 2003, Abbott’s office has indicted 13 people for voter fraud. All of them had Democratic voting records, and 12 were either black or Hispanic.

So, just what kind of piece of shit slimeball is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott?

Abbott was elected in 2002 after running on a campaign based on tort reform and imposing limits to a jury’s ability to impose stiff monetary damages in civil suits. This despite the fact that when Abbott became a parapalegiac after a tree fell on him while jogging hesued the tree owner and the company that had trimmed the three and won $10 million in damages.

Another of those “I got mine” Republikkkans.