Juggernaut Update II: FBI Breathing Down Her Neck

Wouldn’t it be cool ifKatherine Harris and Ann Coulter wound up as cellmates?

Federal investigators have interviewed at least two more former chiefs of staff to U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris as part of a federal inquiry into her relationship with a convicted defense contractor.

Dan Berger and Ben McKay, who both worked for Harris in her first term and are now lobbyists in Washington, confirmed the interviews this week and said it was their understanding all congressional staff would likely be questioned. The two spoke separately to three investigators from the FBI and the Defense Department in Washington several weeks ago.

The Justice and Defense departments are examining Harris’ dealings with Mitchell Wade, who made illegal campaign contributions to Harris and paid for at least two dinners with her at a tony Georgetown restaurant that totaled about $6,000. Later Wade asked Harris to help secure $10-million in federal money for a company project in Sarasota.

Federal authorities have subpoenaed records from Harris’ U.S. Senate campaign office and have interviewed several former staffers, including senior campaign consultant Ed Rollins, campaign manager Jim Dornan and Mona Tate Yost, a congressional aide who later went to work for Wade.

2 thoughts on “Juggernaut Update II: FBI Breathing Down Her Neck

  1. Cool?
    A Katherine Harris-Ann Coulter remake of “Caged Heat”?
    Hell no, that’s not cool. That’s a way to induce vomiting in people who have swallowed harmful substances.
    But I guess we know who the prag would be, don’t we?

  2. If Ann Coulter does time, we’ll finally find out whether or not she’s really a guy.

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