I Can’t Wait Until We Control The Senate

Neither canFrank Lautenberg.

Two federal agencies are investigating whether the Bush administration tried to block government scientists from speaking freely about global warming and censor their research, a senator said Wednesday.

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (news, bio, voting record), D-N.J., said he was informed that the inspectors general for the Commerce Department and NASA had begun “coordinated, sweeping investigations of the Bush administration’s censorship and suppression” of federal research into global warming.


He said the investigations “will uncover internal documents and agency correspondence that may expose widespread misconduct.” He added, “Taxpayers do not fund scientific research so the Bush White House can alter it.”

One thought on “I Can’t Wait Until We Control The Senate

  1. “I can’t wait until we control the Senate.” Here’s to that! In addition to all of the benefits to our environmen that will undoubtedly result from a party change, I’m looking forward to some genuine progressive bills authored by the likes of Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, folks who have sharp political ideas but who have matured during an era of GOP domination.
    If we DO win control of Congress, I look forward to two years of genuine bipartisanship, hopefully followed by a golden era of humble, intelligent, compassionate Democratic party rule!

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