9 thoughts on “Gayle Haggard, Comedian

  1. I wonder about other Gayle Haggard jokes about the stiuation?
    “I wondered why he kept hoping for a happy ending in the movies we saw, now I know why!”
    (Okay that’s not really funny. I’m under caffinated.) You try.

  2. We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better We belong, we belong, we belong together
    hey, i wasnt being mean. the text on the photo reminded me of the song.

  3. I would admire her strength and faith if I did not believe that the state of her marriage is whatever Pastor Tweaker says it is.

  4. Talk about redefining normal! I can’t relate to them at all.

  5. give up now that she has him by the balls? he’s got a looooooot of beggin to do.

  6. What he hasn’t said is that THE METH WAS FOR HER.
    It’s her weight-loss drug of choice, and he always ‘jokes’ that her ass is too big.
    They have a great marriage. He pretends she’s a boy, and she pretends he’s not an excellent source of venereal disease.
    — Paul in LA

  7. But you’re so close to a happy marriage Gayle – a little crystal meth and a strap-on and you’re there.

  8. I feel sorry for her and for their children. It’s not like those poor kids asked to be born into a screwed-up evangelical Christian family.

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