Your Monday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

Here we haveproof that Chimpy has given up on Florida’s Republikkkan candidates.

[Katherine] Harris, the Republican [senate] candidate, says she has been invited to be onstage today with President Bush in Pensacola. The last time Bush visited Florida, she was shunted aside.

We also have proof that Harris is as delusional as the president she helped install in office.

Harris, who started her day visiting Hillsborough County churches, said she remains hopeful. At the Ruskin Seafood Festival, she said she has given no thought whatsoever to what she’ll do should she lose the election.

“I don’t see it as an option,” she said.

5 thoughts on “Your Monday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. Wow – Bush has sunk so much that he’s even sitting at the table with Harris. Is he that desperate?

  2. The Ruskin/Gibsonton area is home to the world’s largest population of retired/wintering circus clowns and carnie freaks.
    I’m sure Katherine felt right at home.

  3. What to do if she loses…wonder if she thinks that she needs to get her breast done again?
    Thor Heyerdahl

  4. Wouldn’t it be something if she managed to eke out an “upset victory”? Even the wingnut sheeple would be DUMBfounded (all the while, praising God for the “miracle”).
    The rest of the nation would be bringing hangin’ ropes for the re-count.

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