16 thoughts on “Juggernaut Update: Final Edition

  1. Did someone photoshop a campaign sign into her hands because she sure looks like a trucker whore with her hand up for a “date”…

  2. Didn’t she say something about already starting on her book?
    Let it be a tell-all. Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeese!

  3. *sigh*
    I’ll miss her on these here internets after today. What will you do to replace her?

  4. She’s twenty years too old for that skirt. Period.
    And if she hadn’t wasted all her money on her senseless campaign, she wouldn’t have to recycle her old cheerleader skirts…

  5. The CFM shoes look especially deliberative! What all the Washington Hookers, I mean Legislators are wearing these days.

  6. She indicated that it was a tell all. It just may not be the “all” that we want told.

  7. On a younger, shorter, smaller-built woman that skirt would be cute. A friend of mine could rock that look, but she’s too tall and broad-shouldered for it. I’m built the same way and I avoid ruffles like Alaskans avoid cutoffs.
    What Not To Wear should be required viewing in America, I swear to God.

  8. One of the few photos of her I’ve seen where she’s not intentionally in profile to show off her boobage.

  9. I had the exact same thought. It doesn’t exactly scream “senatorial” does it?

  10. not for nothing cuz this is the least of her problems, but what the hell is that outfit?
    so sad…hehehehe

  11. Sniff, sniff. Gonna miss her.
    She’ll be back though. She’s to crazy to stay away.

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