Mehlman Is Out!

No, I’m not talking about the closet. But I am predicting that if the Republikkkans lose both houses of Congress Ken Mehlman will lose his RNC chairmanship. Losing Congress will be their cover story, but the real reason is that Mehlman is a closeted gay man and they can’t afford to have him in the Chair’s chair as Foley revelations trickle out after today.

Buh-bye Ken.

AFP/File/Brendan Smialowski

4 thoughts on “Mehlman Is Out!

  1. Perhaps – thing is, if he is Bush’s guy, if there is media pressure to replace him, Bush will make sure he stays.
    Do not misunderestimate the pig-headed petulant stubborness of Georgie – he will stay with Rummy as long as Rummy is loyal – same with Kenny.

  2. I still don’t get how any self-respecting gay person can be a Republican. I guess the operative words are “self-respecting” …

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