5 thoughts on “Chimpy Forgot…

  1. nah, he’s prolly holding out for the results of the VA Senate race to see if Chenron needs to retire for “medical concerns” and go for VP.
    Jodi Rell picks a Repug for his replacement and it’s back in their control

  2. Why waste a good cabinet level appointment when you can simply cut your dogs loose and get Joey impeached for that nasty slush fund? Either way, you end up with Senator Shays.

  3. If, for no other reason, Gates will be confirmed. I was fully expecting Bush to nominate Joemental (I think we all were) and, immediately after announcing Rumsfeld’s resignation Kelly O’Donnell was speculating that Lieberman would be the replacement. I was getting more an more pissed by the second. When Gates was announced as the choice, I was sooooo relieved. I think this signals the end of the political arm making the decisions in the WH. Now, it’s Baker and Poppy making the calls or it would have been Lieberman.

  4. More important issues up for the Bush Family Empire other than a short two-year so-called “control” of the Senate…Gates is Poppy’s boy, sent to bail Boy Emperor out of his Iraq fiasco, his fucking up of the entire Middle East stabilisation, the threat to oil supplies with continued friction with Iran, etc. No, Bandhar Bush and other influential Saudi princes have made it plain to Poppy that fucking Junior is a walking train-wreck, and that he has to be taken in hand and minded until his term ends in two-plus years, minimising any further disasters in the oil patch, sod Cheney and the neocons, it’s broken, let’s fix it.

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