Your President Speaks!

Holy crap, there he goes again. This time in Estonia.

Checking Out His Options for Exile

I appreciate the fact that you got a flat tax, you got a tax system that’s transparent and simple.

The Plans Wuz

You know, the plans of Mr. Zarqawi was to foment sectarian violence.

Catapult The Propaganda While Perpetuating The Sectarian Violence On The Internets With The Google

The recent bombings were to perpetuate the sectarian violence.

Your Strategery To Be A Country

I will ask him: What is required and what is your strategy to be a country which can govern itself and sustain itself?

Sweeps Week Lasted Nine Months

Deb, there’s all kinds of speculation about what may be or not happening. What you’re seeing on TV has started last February.

Only One Palestinian Territory?

We’re trying to help get a democracy started in the Palestinian Territory.

Tyranny? You’re Soaking In It!

And the interesting contribution that a country like Estonia is making is that, people shouldn’t have to live under tyranny. We just did that; we don’t like it.

8 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. I have some friends not far from Talliiin.
    It has always bothered me that their news media will always, meticulously pronounce foreign words correctly while we still haven’t given the Iraqis the courtesy of learning to pronounce their country’s name – much less the names of their major cities. To me this seems just plain rude. Couldn’t we get a law that you can’t invade a nation until you’ve at least given it the courtesy (and done some background research into the culture) of learning how to pronounce the hame?
    It has always bothered me that they know how to speak english better than the vast majority of Americans (even compensating for the fact that they learn the details of formal grammar).
    On a nother note: Bush praised the Estonian tax system. I thought the republicans decried the extremely high tax rates. Likewise, if he likes the taxes of this *ahem* ex-iron curtain country, is he also going to praise national health coverage; the flattening of the wage scale in the communist system; etc.????????????

  2. one of these days i’m going to start a website called ‘bush or borat?’ featuring quotes from each…visitors will have to guess who said what.
    -dan mcenroe

  3. yes. do we have to let him go out of america? i am so fucking embarrassed. please tell me YOU misspelled forment and not the chimp.

  4. If you really want to be embarassed, just recall that about half of the American voters wanted this guy to be speaking for us.

  5. Oh, the shame! Oh, the embarrassment! Can’t he go into seclusion in the White House for the next two years? Please.

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