Hostage Crisis

I’m going to be ill:

Being held hostage in Iraq can catapult a gal from a pedestrian UMass pedigree to the hallowed halls of Harvard. But it also apparently makes one rather full of oneself!

The story goes on to recount Jill Carroll rebuffing an interview request while she’s out with friends, apparently in a manner the requester found curt.

Bob Bateman responds:

That is as low as I have ever seen anyone sink in print. I hope, somehow, you have some way to police your own ranks of the likes of these women, and whatever editor was stupid enough to think that this was appropriate for publication on the Boston Herald site.

I mean, I’m still a little stunned here. Being a hostage makes you full of yourself? Maybe it just makes you not want to be hounded while you’re trying to be with your friends. She’s not Julia Roberts, you can make the public figure argument but you can’t exactly say she owes it to you because you saw all her movies. As to not wanting to do any press, well, I can’t imagine why Carroll wouldn’t, seeing the Boston Hairball’s response to her mere presence at a bar.

Honestly. Bateman calls the authors snotty teenagers and he’s right. No matter what Jill Carroll does, it’s still not enough to get her a seat at the Cool Kids’ table. She still didn’t make the cheerleading squad. At a time when journalism is terribly short on heroes, even its most lowly practitioners should be putting up statues and naming awards for Carroll, not sniping at her in the gossip pages like she’s Paris Hilton.

Sick people.


10 thoughts on “Hostage Crisis

  1. Oh please. Some sad-ass who works for a local FOX affiliate hits on her in a bar and she shoots him down, so he spins it to some gossip reporters?
    Fat, drunk, and employed by FOX is no way to pick up Harvard chicks, my man.

  2. When the assholes have firsthand survived capture in Iraq themselves, then they can decide if they’re worthy to snark.
    Until then, STFU is too kind for them.
    Oh, they’re not going to Iraq?
    Then they should just ESAD.

  3. It’s pretty simple. They see their heroes and role models, the GOP power elite, eating their own and stabbing each other in the back, so they conclude that’s how they should conduct themselves: shamelessly.
    Our Failed Media in Action.

  4. There are times I wonder whether they think the Iraq war is really happening at all.

  5. Apparently being held hostage doesn’t make one nearly as full of oneself as writing a gossip column for a right-wing rag.

  6. It gets worse: the second page had a cropped photo of her in a hijab, probably mandated by the military when she was serving in the ME.
    Some drunken reporter accosts her in a social setting and she doesn’t want to talk to him. What a surprise.
    They have no shame.

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