5 thoughts on “Gee, Pam, I Would Think You Would Be Used To It By Now

  1. Yeah, ain’t it a bitch. You can’t walk down a street without passing a mosque every other block. The incessant advertising that goes on for weeks about Ramadan bugs the shit out of me. All those damn Muslim radio stations I have to skip when I searching for some good Christian rock. It just pisses me off. Sheesh.

  2. Let me rephrase:
    “Having Islam stuffed down my throat just enhances my intellectual bulimia” -Pam Atlas
    Atta J. Turk

  3. I’m amazed there’s any room left in there for Islam. I figured communisim, ethics, secularism, and John Bolton should take up a lot more room.

  4. Anonymous on Wednesday, December 06 @ 08:54:12 CST:
    Exactly! WTF is she ranting about? Obviously delusional, must be time to adjust the meds.

  5. That’s probably not the most unexpected nickname for John Bolton’s John Thomas, but it’s certainly a contender.

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