2 thoughts on “Iraq Study Group

  1. it all sounds much more “progressive” than I would have imagined possible with Baker at the helm; things must be *really* fucked up for them to admit as much.
    Now, imagine if that commission had included some people who really knew what the hell was going on in Iraq and were better in touch with the sentiments of the majority of Americans who just want out *now* and who don’t care about “cutting and running” when it’s the only right thing to do. Imagine if we’d had, say, Joe Wilson on board to shed some light on the matter?

  2. I’ve only read the executive summary so far. It is a wealth of “should do’s” about to slam headfirst into “won’ts.” A field of ponies, beautiful ponies, dancing and prancing about, and some of them could even be tamed and ridden.
    But I have a sense that most of them will be shot first.
    Side note: the Cornerites are wrought upset that the document does not offer “military victory” as an option. Different planet, you know.
    Venerable Bede

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