Forget Pearl Harbor!

Did the president let the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor go by with out making a statement?

It sure looks that way. If you visit the main White House web page you will find a link to their Veterans page where there is a proclamation by the president dated December 1, 2006. But that’s it.

So, far today, on the actually anniversary, Chimpy has made no public remarks about Pearl Harbor – at least none that can be found on the WH Current News page as of this writing. Pearl was not mentioned during today’s presser with Tony Blair, nor during his realtively lengthy remarks upon the lighting of the White House Xmas tree.

He forgot Pearl Harbor. And, no — he shouldn’t have to have Karl Rove or Josh Bolten remind him to say a few words on this day. He should know what to do.

8 thoughts on “Forget Pearl Harbor!

  1. And don’t forget, FDR seizing some of Prescott Bush’s assets for trading with the enemy still rankles with Junior…I suspect it may have a lot to do with his fondness for Nazism and fascism in general. So he may throw a party to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day, but he can’t exactly do that in public.

  2. He did remember to mention 9/11 though. Since that’s the one he still thinks he can get some mileage out of.
    Besides, he might be a mite sensitive about the fact that Democrats managed to finish their war against fascists, and in less time.

  3. Pansypoo, I think you got it! “It’s his daddy’s war”
    Instead, Dubya will celebrate the anniversary of that day that will live in infamy, when America, a nation at peace with the world, was perfidiously attacked by the Iraqis.
    Or was it the other way around? Let me check the talking points…
    Oh. Never mind.

  4. Bush has superceded Pearl Harbor.
    His entire presidency will live in infamy.

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