On The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Talk about your fantasy worlds.

It’s an ugly rumor, but it’s spreading like wildfire: Karl Rove has lost his touch. In an amazing betrayal within a family where top political aide Rove is royalty, Bushies have been sneering at his pre-election happy talk that the gop would keep the Senate and take a slight hit in the House, both soon to be run by Democrats. And now we learn that President Bush really believed the GOP was safe, too. On the day before the elections, he asked embattled House gop leader Dennis Hastert to run for speaker again so he could guide the White House’s agenda in Congress.

4 thoughts on “On The Big Rock Candy Mountain

  1. I could quigle about the past tense “lost”.
    But the amazing thing is that as much as he’s lost it, BushCo is so dysfunctional that they haven’t noticed it and are still using the old script.
    Case in point – Daddy sent Baker to bail out Sonny Boy. Baker commission hands him a “get out of jail” card, if he had used it. Instead, BushCo has issued statements that sound, to me, along the lines of “Thank you for your hard work. Would you like a complimentary bag of peanuts on your way out the door? I’ll read it, but I’m the decider and I’ve already decided.”
    This is combined with the arrogance that says that the public is too stupid to understand (unfortunately, they were right about this for 5 years but now they’re under scrutiny). Statements include “We never said Stay the Course”. Then they substitute new terms that translate to “Stay the Course.” In tandem with this, they maintain the hawkishness of Rumsfeld even while he is exiting.

  2. Bush has never cared about reality. He believes. That substitutes for reality. Unfortunately, for him, and fortunately, for us, he is learning that reality is…reality. But, never forget that he is a very, very slow learner.

  3. He’s not a slow learner. He learns very quickly, he just chooses to ignore everything he’s taught.
    I imagine his behavior has been pathological ever since losing his sister and the horrible, terrible way his idiotic parents handled it. When the earliest lesson you learn is that people and their deaths really don’t matter, how could you ever stay sane?

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