Love The Sinner, Hate The Child Porn

Oh, what a fabulous family we have in the Bushes.

President George W. Bush’s aunt and other members of a prominent Greenwich church showed up in federal court Tuesday to support a former music director who pleaded not guilty to possessing child pornography.

Robert F. Tate, 64, of Greenwich, remained behind bars after the hearing. FBI agents arrested him last month in Los Angeles.

Tate was the longtime music director of Christ Church in Greenwich, where former President George Bush attended services while growing up. Funeral services for his parents, Prescott Bush Sr. and Dorothy Walker Bush, were held there.

“I think he’s wonderful,” said Elizabeth Bush, whose husband, Prescott, is President Bush’s uncle and former President Bush’s brother. “He’s certainly been a wonderful, wonderful choir director for 36 years. He’s just the most extraordinarily talented and spiritual person.”


Court records accuse Tate of possessing digital images of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct and refer to “apparent foreign travel for purpose of photographing children.” An investigation is continuing.

Hat-tip chicago dyke.

3 thoughts on “Love The Sinner, Hate The Child Porn

  1. I pimped this story at the crack den. And as I said there, what’s a little kiddie porn? Neil has sex with underage Thai prostitutes all the time.
    TJ, disgusted

  2. omfg! The conservitards were right!
    There IS a crisis of morality in America!
    Well, steps must be taken. In fact, it’s clear that the first part of the action plan is already ongoing:
    1. Gather all the pedophiles, the frauds, the crooks, the people with gambling addictions, the people who give and take bribes, who beat their spouses (or dope them unconcious and sodomize them), the racists and bigots, all in one easily-identified group.
    2. For convenience,l call that group “The GOP”
    3. Drop them in the ocean, far from shore.
    When does phase 3 start? I want to have some popcorn ready…

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