8 thoughts on “Speaking of …

  1. I’m just worried about what he’d do in whatever else he attempts. Talk about your Shit Midas…

  2. He’ll end up at the AEI, or the Heritage Foundation being paid obscene amounts to keep spewing the same crap. He’s still revered by those asses.

  3. He will go on a lucrative speaking tour. The College Republican chickenhawks worship the guy.

  4. Considering the evidence that the Iraq war was launched for political advantage (reading Hubris now), Rove should be indicted for war crimes along with his “boss”. I think Rove is at least as responsible for the war as the nominal leaders of this country.

  5. Check out the Henry Rollins video rant on Susie Madrak’s blog.
    Henry refers to Rove as ‘Baby Huey’, among other things.

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