12 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. You may be glad to learn that I’ve been ferret sitting.. and as it looks like the owners are not coming back for her… yay!, I own a ferret!

  2. REALLY? That’s awesome! I mean, not that the owners aren’t coming back, that part sucks (poor abandoned baby) but it’s awesome that you have a ferret!
    What kind of ferret? How old? Tell me everything!
    Ferrets for Dummies is a really good ferret resource should you run into problems. And depending on where you live there might be a ferret club nearby that could get you a vet that knows what he or she’s doing … we went through two clueless vets before we found the Best Vet Ever.

  3. Cute! Darn, I wish I could get Kianga the Congo African Grey to wear a Santa hat.

  4. Her name is pearl, she’s all white with a dusky stripe on her back and black eyes. Her owners said she was ‘stunted’ somehow at some point, and at a year old she is about 2/3rds the size of what I’m used to seeing. I think she’s just small.
    I’ve stopped trimming her claws so much and she now holds her own with my 2 cats, often hiding behind or under the dog. I thought the cats were playing too rough, not so much anymore. Occasionally I find them all napping together.
    Also, everytime she drinks out of the dog’s bowl she comes and finds me so I can wipe off her chin. Not Kidding, Cutest Thing Ever.
    p.s. pearls owners may come back for her, but they are young and recently pregnant… so it may be a while.

  5. They’re gonna come back to haunt you, you know that.
    I read a very cute piece by a Life section writer for the USAToday about how if he were dictator of the world, no one would be able to dress their pets up in silly costumes for any holiday. That’s what kids are for, he said.
    And kids can be blackmailed by said photos… he he he

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