Frank Luntz…always afraid of the truth

Toady tool Frank Luntz crafting his black magic on a possible Katrina Commission being convened by the new Democratic Congress…

Frank Luntz, a Republican strategist, questioned how impartial a new commission could be.

“If you listen to the Democrats, the Republicans actually caused the storm, that they created the hurricane, and did all the damage,” Luntz said.

He suggested that Democrats in Louisiana, in particular Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, would have a lot to lose if a commission started sniffing out who blundered.

“Any kind of commission would explore what happened on the state and local level, and it would surely find fault on how relief was delivered nationally, but it would find a tremendous amount of fault on the state and local levels.”

Sharp [Landrieu’s spokesman] called Luntz’s comments a reflection of “Republican talking points, and one of them is to deflect blame to the local government, and it started within the first minutes after Katrina, and it hasn’t let up.”

Sharp said “mistakes were made at all levels” but “that does not excuse the wholesale breakdown of federal bureaucracy.”

For a reminder of the past work of this self proclaiming arbitrator of impartiality (ugh)here is a link for the TDS classic of Samantha Bee with Luntz as Yoda…

luntz yoda

(h/t Dead Pelican for KATC3 article)

2 thoughts on “Frank Luntz…always afraid of the truth

  1. And, it is, without a doubt, the Democrats rank incompetance and all-around chicanery that accounts for the fact that Haley Barbour’s Mississippi will receive 270 million in FEMA funds for housing while Louisiana’s Blanco gets, maybe, 74 million.

  2. NO and LA governments were literally overwhelmed (see 2a).
    That is wht FEMA exists, to step up when that happens.
    or is it not?
    Main Entry: over·whelm
    Pronunciation: “O-v&r-‘hwelm, -‘welm
    Function: transitive verb
    Etymology: Middle English, from 1over + whelmen to turn over, cover up
    2 a : to cover over completely : SUBMERGE b : to overcome by superior force or numbers c : to overpower in thought or feeling

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