I don’t really do them, because for me, the New Year has always started in the fall. I’m on the academic schedule no matter what I do, it seems. If I did do them, they’d probably consist of the usual boring things we all promise ourselves we’ll do: be less lazy, lose ten pounds, call my family more often.

Do you make resolutions? What are they?


9 thoughts on “Resolutions?

  1. My dad was a lifelong smoker and chewer of tobacco, but on the day he got the news that my mother had cancer, he never again touched tobacco. She had always asked him to do that. Then he lived another 30 years without tobacco.

  2. I’m deradfully boring about this.
    I make the same resolution or variation on it every year.
    I resolve this year to remain a non-smoker. If I fall off the wagon, as I so often have, then next year I will resolve to quit. My battle with cigarettes has gone on for close to 35 years now.
    On January 2nd, it will be 10 smokeless months this time. My third most successful attempt to leave them forever.
    My dad used to really annoy me. After smoking 3 packs a day for 42 years, he quit at midnight celebrating the ball drop by crushing his last in the ashtray on New Year’s Eve 1981. He never touched another cigarette. But I figure, one of these days, his spirit will give me a little help when I need it.
    I also always resolve to help any smoker quit if they want to but to never ever bitch at them about it.

  3. I don’t normally make resolutions, but for 2006, I resolved to write at least 24 articles for the Everything2 website — a resolution that worked out so well, I’m taking it again this year.

  4. 1. Sleep in January 2nd. It’s a holiday ’cause the President wants to mourn.
    2. Watch as much women’s college basketball as I can.
    3. Keep watching for and applying to better jobs.
    4. Enjoy the ferretblogging. And the catblogging.
    5. Pray that the next President gives a damn about not just NOLa but the whole Gulf Coast, and people across the US who aren’t already millionaires.

  5. didn’t need a date to tell me to lose weight when i was a HS sophmore. the scale hit a bad # and i started my quest. junior year i had lost about 20lbs and it has pretty much stayed off.
    never needed to change much. don’t drink, don’t smoke. i suppose i could clean more/be more organized. but i already started winter cleaning.
    no resolutions, its all too arbitrary

  6. I’m not much for resolutions, either, but I need to quit smoking – so, there’s that. And at the risk of sounding like I’m trying to peddle crystals and other sundry talismans, I’d like to live with a greater degree of Awareness and Gratitude.
    I’d also like to be a better, more consistent blogger – writing, podcasts and radio shows. That may be tougher than dropping the smoking habit. heh!
    Happy New Year, everyone!

  7. I quit doing resolutions years ago, and a few years ago my favorite day of this season became January 2nd. Last year wasn’t much to brag about for me either, so I suppose a good resolution would be to make this one be much better. The Prequel looks good so far!

  8. Yeah, WTF with 2006? This year was Teh Complete Suck for every single one of my meatspace friends, too, everything from dying loved ones to professional clusterfuckery to sick kids to dead pets. Every time I picked up the phone it was like total disaster and somebody was having a meltdown. Thank God there was a wedding and the election in there, otherwise we all would have gone insane.
    2007: It Will Be Better.

  9. Not usually a big resolution maker either. However, this year has been so awful I find myself resolutely determined that the next one has to be better, that I’ll do what I can to leave 2006 behind me.

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