Empire and all that rot…Bush Approves Africa Command

Stars and Stripes reports that Bush “has approved a plan for an Africa Command, defense officials said Friday.”

But a Pentagon official confirmed that President Bush had approved the concept of an Africa Command, and Defense officials now are working on changing the Unified Command Plan to make the new command a reality.

WaPo’s William Arkin wrote earlier this month on what a bad idea the Rumsfeld plan for an Africa Command would be…

Mr. Transformation, Mr. Anti-headquarters failed to reduce the bureaucracy. Instead the Rumsfeld legacy will be yet another four-star organization with all of the demands of generalship, protocol, diplomacy, force requirements, bureaucracy, support and consulting characteristic of these premier American fiefdoms.


Defense industry giant Norman Augustine coined an expression to describe the incessant proclivity of the military to constantly reorganize, to build new organizational charts: New tree, same monkeys.

Africa Command though isn’t just a waste of resources: It does the wrong thing and sends the wrong message. We will build a multi-million dollar headquarters somewhere, organize a permanent staff overseen by a dozen flag officers; build bases and institute “force protection”; organize new meetings, conferences, exercises and operations. We will be ever so pleased that we have put all of Africa under one unified organization, with one commander. We will talk about the need for non-military solutions, for economic development, improved health care and support for democracy. Our Africa specialists will finally feel satisfied that they have had their day and joined the senior varsity.Our adversaries and the skeptics of American power will just see it all as another example of empire and military domination in the making. (emphasis mine)

Bush’s Empire of Doom…never ending waste and war.

5 thoughts on “Empire and all that rot…Bush Approves Africa Command

  1. New year resolution to stand at the Capitol this Thursday, Jan 4, and prevail against this pack of lies called an administration of the lying.
    Cindy Sheehan will speak, our lady of the ditch.

  2. I’ll agree that its ridiculous to ignore one of the major continents and that Africa is of increasing importance.
    But my reading of history tells me that Africa has been under imperialism intensified by a “white man’s burden” and other forms of racism. Having just thrown this off, the native Africans are rather touchy on the matter.
    Of course, Shrub never read history.
    A while back, someone on this list made an apt comparison of Shrub to the kid who wonders about a watch, takes it apart to see how it works, can’t reassemble it and leaves it in pieces while he moves on to the typewritter.
    Is the Africa plan some sort of deranged attempt to forget Iraq / Iran / North Korea?

  3. But Empires have military outposts throughout their domain… who could ever suspect the USA?

  4. Shorter Bush:
    “When the World War with China breaks out, we want to be prepared to fight it on every continent and in every oil-producing country.”

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