Taking action to get home

(Photos from The G Bitch Spot)


Many residents of public housing projects in NOLA have not been allowed to return to their homes since Katrina. Four of the projects are scheduled to be razed. On Monday protestors and residents went into one project and plan to stay…

Housing activists and former tenants gathered at the St.
Bernard public housing development Monday to clean
apartments, reclaim lost belongings and protest a policy
that has kept their homes shuttered since Hurricane Katrina.

Organizers from a housing-rights group, Mayday NOLA, said
its members intended to occupy units and remain at the
“survivors village” until residents have reached a
satisfactory agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing
and Urban Development.

NOLA blogger Dangerblond was there Monday and had an excellent post which included this on the status of the buildings…

The projects and the neighborhood around them look deslolate. The
buildings have not been cleaned out, and there is a 6-foot-tall
chain-link fence around each block, topped by barbed wire. The area
received about eight feet of water, but the buildings are raised, so
the water only came up about four feet inside. Since I’ve been back in
New Orleans after the flood, I’ve seen some damaged buildings, made out
of every kind of material. I’ve seen them knocked off their
foundations, missing walls and roofs, and collapsed in a pile with the
peaked roof sitting right on top. Let me tell you, though, New Orleans’
housing projects are standing tall. Except for one that had the roof
burned off, those buildings are the proverbial brick shithouses.

G Bitch
who was also there has more photos and links.Go Here for a great video of what occurred.

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  1. I think dangerblond did a great job of reporting. I, too am simply not sure what ‘side’ to root for here. I suppose I agree with the cab driver who drove Bob Herbert around. Sadly this homes for many good people are also a huge crime issue (St Bernard had become even worse following the destruction of St Thomasville due to turf wars). It is indeed a class not race issue. And it is a huge mess

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