Your President Speaks!

Today, at the White House.

Tell Me What Your Instructions Is

My instructions to the General is, get over to the zone as quickly as possible and implement a plan that we believe will yield our goals.

Must Be A Box-And-One

One of the amazing things about our country is that we’ve got military folks who volunteer to go into a tough zone to protect the American people from future harm, and they’ve got families who stand by them. Whether you be a general or a private in the military, there is a U.S. — there’s a family member saying, I love you and I support you.

Its People?

And so, General, I congratulate you and I congratulate the volunteers and their families for making the hard decisions necessary to protect its people from a grave danger.

We’re Fresh Out Of Deciders, But We Have An Implementor

And in that I’m the decision maker, I had to come up with a way forward that precluded disaster. In other words, I had to think about what’s likely to work. And so I worked with our military and I worked with Secretary Gates to come up with a plan that is likely to succeed. And the implementor of that plan is going to be General Petraeus.

Bless This Mess

And they have an obligation and a serious responsibility, therefore, to put up their own plan as to what would work.

Help Yourself!

Now some are trying to say that because we’re enforcing — helping ourselves in Iraq by stopping outside influence from killing our soldiers or hurting Iraqi people that we want to expand this beyond the borders — that’s a presumption that simply is not accurate.

11 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. i thought georgie had a plan.
    he sure does like being thought of as the decision maker don’t he.
    the raydeeoh was talking to sheeple after the SOTU and one sheeple said he didn’t like how georgie was CONDESCENDING to americans. ooh, the stupids don’t like being considered stupid. BUSH FATIGUE! say it. SAY IT!

  2. It is unreasonable to demand a plan to achieve an unspecified goal. If WPE cannot articulate what success looks like, no general can provide a plan of action to achieve it.
    I don’t remember the name of this poem or the poet. I was a child when I read it and have never been able to forget it.
    Not one of all the purple host who took the field today,
    can tell the definition of victory so clear,
    as he defeated, dying, on whose reluctant ear,
    the distant sound of triumph fall agonized and clear.

  3. I don’t find his stupidity funny any more. It’s beyond painful. Really.

  4. God help Gen. Petraeus, the implementer of the decision maker’s plan that is no plan.
    It’s a cruel bind that Bush puts Petraeus and the rest of the troops into.

  5. Oh my fucking god! How much more proof is needed that this man is brain damaged? The impression I get from Petraeus is that he is a loyal Party man, and we know how well things work out when the GOP sends it’s apparatchiks out to handle things, don’t we? God help our troops. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a President – even Nixon – say “Well, if you don’t like my plan, come up with your own”. What the fuck is that? HE’s the one whose supposed to be in charge (After all, he keeps telling us he’s the decider/implementor/augmenter/war president.

  6. ‘And they have an obligation and a serious responsibility, therefore, to put up their own plan as to what would work. ‘
    The present plan is really great as to showing What Doesn’t Work. So do the opposite. Q.E.D.

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