3 thoughts on “Help Us, Mrs. Smith, You’re Our Only Hope

  1. I’ve always liked her. Despite the hype and the hysteria, I think she’s genuine.
    I think most men would be reduced to their inner Homer Simpson if they met her.
    And yes, she’s too good for Brad. Wonder what she’s think of a old greyhaired, overfed hippy?
    umm… strike that last one. My IQ would drop to that of a coffee table if she were to walk into the same room as I.

  2. it would only happen if she was carrying AK40s. i don’t think she is his type.
    cue MR.smith

  3. And his standing around making “oog, oog” noises would be different from his usual behavior exactly how?
    It wouldn’t be reported in the press, unless they could put some manly spin on it, as we know.

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