Today on Athenae’s Obssession with the Freepi: Compassion

To be fair, most of the thread starts out with very nice “prayers to them” and “sympathy” notes but the mouthbreathers take over the minute they realize Edwards is still in the race:

Oh Lord, he’s doing the ‘sympathy vote’ routine. He’ll be channeling any moment now.


He needs to be a husband & dad now – not the prez…


He just got 3 million dollars worth of free campaign advertising


Glad to see this couple has their priorities straight.


This is Al Gore’s opening. The Dems need a standard white guy candidate in this race who has some chance in hell of winning the nomination. Gore would be their only option.


4 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obssession with the Freepi: Compassion

  1. Did anyone mention the difference in how John Edwards treated his wife and how Neut Gingrich treated his?

  2. Elizabeth Edwards posts comments on various blogs frequently.
    Last week, Pam Spaulding posted about how she’d seen the Edwards family at Target and didn’t want to bother them and EE posted quickly posted a reply that she should have come up and said hi.
    And today, EE commented over at FDL in response to Jane’s post about their press conference. She thanked everyone for their good wishes and then said, “Now, let’s get back to work!”
    I wonder what would happen if she posted a reply on Free Republic. I bet they’d pee themselves.

  3. Predictable.
    It scares me that I can now accurately predict Freepi behavior. Don’t FBI profilers go batshit because of all the time they spend thinking like serial killers? Be careful, A!
    Best to the Edwards family.

  4. Did you read the article today that showed that people with brain damage had no empathy and compassion? Who knew that there were so many brain damaged people gathered in one place?

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