Bush is a dick to Kiwis

Here’s video of a report by TV 3 in New Zealandon Prime Minister Clark’s visit with Bush yesterday. Bush was his usual boarish self. The report notes that Bush “appears to chuckle suggesting perhaps we’ve got little chance” when the Prime Minister said this

And if at some point in
the future the U.S. is in a position to consider negotiating with more
countries on FTA, New Zealand is there. And we think we present very,
very few problems for the U.S.

Man could Bush be a bigger dick? Of Course.

New Zealand media had been told they’d be able to ask a few questions but Bush refused to take any. When the TV 3 reporter attempted to ask one, Bush remarked on the reporter’s suit (gave him shit and a wink). The reporter had this to say about the incident when asked by the news anchor if he was surprised…

It was a bit embarrassing to be brutally honest, again. When we left the White House he still was rebelling on about it with a bit of small talk by saying to the American press that they should get a suit just like this, that perhaps we should have dry cleaned it or something.

But look we had a couple questions lined up for the President after that meeting with Helen Clark and to be honest I would have just preferred him to answer the questions rather than get involved with this small talk.

The whole report rather good naturedly and with wit puts Bush in his place though including nuggets like Bush wore “shin high boots with a suit” and that the Prime Minister went away without a White House cap which “is surprisingly and unpatriotically” made in China!

But go watch the whole thing as there’s more. (have to click on little “Video” symbol)

(via Michael at 2 millionth web log who has a pic)

One thought on “Bush is a dick to Kiwis

  1. I learned something from that video – Bush leans back in these sit-downs with VIPs not just because he’s a slacker jackass but so that he can glance at his notes hidden behind a bowl.
    Thanks for the link. It made me like New Zealand even more. Their PM and press both were up front about what a petulant jackass we have in the White House.

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