America Needs Help


Scout here finally. I’ve been busy playing “misery tour” director and Athenae has been doing the posting– absolutely terrific ones of course. On Saturday the First Draft Krewe gutted a home along with a group of college juniors and seniors from Elon University. The students had wanted to see more of NOLA so after we finished gutting I went with the group to show them Lakeview and the lower 9th ward.

Your People Have No Homes.

These were just wonderful young people. You would be so proud of such young Americans who had worked so hard and now were very interested in learning about New Orleans. They were asking great questions. There was also an exchange student from Russia in the group and while driving through Lakeview I I turned and asked her what she thought. This is not a verbatim quote but it is close. She said… In Russia we think of America as a very rich country so it is very shocking to see this . For it to look so bad after 19 months and with your form of government, a democracy of the people…she paused…well your people have no homes.

It took only a short drive for this young Russian woman to get the writing on the wall in the lower 9th Ward… America Needs Help. Once the shining city upon a hill is now the ruined and abandoned neighborhoods of New Orleans with its call of greatness ringing as hollow as the gutted out shell of a slab house in Gentilly and its promise as broken as a shotgun house in the lower 9th ward. This is what the world sees now. It shames the faces of worthy Americans.

3 thoughts on “America Needs Help

  1. THIS is georgie’s legacy. not getting saddam.
    i guess he doesn’t care about black people. NO, make that poor people

  2. Sadly the people who SHOULD be shamed, aren’t.
    GW doesn’t care about the poor in N.O. because they didn’t vote for him and they don’t donate money. He knows who is important in politics. As long as he convinced enough poor Christians that poverty is their fault or that zygote is more important that the actual child, he will keep winning. That and the “tough daddy” posture that the people who want an authority figure are out their.

  3. Bushco only cares about the dictates of Mammon.
    If “anything” should “ever” happen down here along the American Ruhr, we’d see some serious tush-kissing by him and his winged monkeys to placate us. (Rove will just be rapping, and I’ll do a Cheney on his sorry bod.)
    New Orleans IS the battle for our time.

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