Marry Me, David Bakke

Having been on the receiving end of some especially doofus-y hate mail this a.m. (was there a “be a whiny, entitled jackass” week planned while we were gone or something? In the past two days everybody I’ve interacted with in meatspace has seen fit to complain about some way in which I’m disappointing them) Iappreciate this all the more:

I tell people about your anniversary,

your birthday,

your wedding,

your award,

your promotion,

your retirement,

your death.

I tell you about unknown people doing wonderful things for other unknown people.

I end up in your scrapbook and on your refrigerator.

I print the quirky, the unusual, the heartwarming, the sad, the happy, the inspiring, the surprising, the awesome and the trivial – all of the goulash that makes up life.

At dawn, I am in a car somewhere on my way to talk to someone who just saved a life.

At midnight, I am on the way to a fire.

Sometimes I like to do the unexpected. Like this.

I do not expect to be liked, admired or trusted. So when you do, it means more.

You do not expect me to be likable, admirable or trustworthy. So when I am, it means more.

I tell what I have to tell about you, despite your importance, what position you hold or how much influence you have.

I tell what I have to tell about you even if you are nobody, do not hold any position or have any influence at all.

I could have done something else with my life and escaped your blame for things that go wrong.

But, no, I could have done nothing else with my life. This is what I’ve always wanted.

I am a journalist.

I tell stories.

You read them.

It’s as simple as that.

And as complex.


7 thoughts on “Marry Me, David Bakke

  1. Rock on, Ms. A. !!! I would say :
    “Noli arrogantium iniurias pati”[‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’] because
    “Illegitimis non carborundum” , popularly translated as ‘don’t let the bastards get you down’,is pseudo-latin and not a real phrase… but then I forgot you didn’t take Latin.
    ‘Rock on!’ will have to do.

  2. Don’t let the shitheads win.
    Atheana, you are always very positive and bring a hopeful perspective to your writings which I enjoy. All of you at first draft bring very unique talents in your writing. Keep up the good work. Mother Teresa said something about people not liking what you do, do it anyway. She was right.

  3. was there a “be a whiny, entitled jackass” week planned while we were gone or something?
    that would explain a lot actually…
    including the young ( but old enough to know better) asshole on a skateboard who flew into two lanes of morning commute traffic this a.m. — causing me and the poor old man in the next lane to slam on our brakes to avoid killing him— and then screamed curses at us, flipping the bird with both hands. I feel like I let Darwin down by caving to societal mores and keeping my foot on the brake instead of the accelerator.

  4. Funny, I don’t see the following on that list:
    Shelter wrongdoers from justice
    Practice stenography for the wealthy and powerful
    Hobnob with those you’re supposed to be examining critically
    I wonder why that is?

  5. Hobnob with those you’re supposed to be examining critically
    Indeed. Where there are cocktail weenies in Washington, there are journalists.
    Or so I’ve heard.
    Seriously, you don’t deserve any crap at all, Athenae. You said we walked the walk in New Orleans. You do it every day, in many more ways than I ever could. So, hat’s off, and if the haters can’t take it, fuck ’em and feed ’em beans, that’s what I say.
    (P.S. Hi to Mr. A.)

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