Happy Democrat Photo: Edwards Edition

“Hey there, sexy.”


6 thoughts on “Happy Democrat Photo: Edwards Edition

  1. aimai says:

    I don’t actually find edwards attractive. but that won’t stop me from voting for him. I’ll never get a chance to vote for someone I find attractive because I like bearded guys who look like Ed Koran drawings.

  2. Paida says:

    Hmmm someone has moved on from J.K. huh A.

  3. Athenae says:

    Oh no. But just because I’m in love with Kerry doesn’t mean I’m blind.
    Edwards isn’t my type, but he’s pretty nonetheless.

  4. hoppycalif says:

    I never dreamed the day would come when the Presidential sweepstakes would be another Miss America contest, but, as Bush said, “bring them on!”. My vote goes to Mr. Illinois, Barack Obama. Notice the great smile, the ease with which he wears his clothes, and he can do a good speech too.

  5. pansypoo says:

    edwards would be a good choice. he has developed as a speeker.
    i am not pickin anybody yet tho as it is tooooooooo fucking early. and i want gore. and of course he won’t play. edwards/obama would rock, tho.

  6. Edwards is the only one that seems to give a flying fuck about New Orleans. Therefore, he gets my vote.

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