Not Everyone Sucks

All together now: Awwww.

Firefighter Josh Miller is the one who found Lucky alive in room where many cats and puppies died. As they were clearing hot spots after the blaze was contained, they saw a board move.

“He was under a board, about chest deep in water,” Miller said. “I could not believe he was alive. I just picked him up I was just astonished and brought him out and said, ‘This is a station dog.'”

Speaking of pets, Spocko is all over the pet food hearings.


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  1. Nice! I’ve been reading too many stories about dead pets this week. Thanks A. I just got back from a walk and spoke to 4 different people to see what they had heard about the pet recall.
    What is most fascinating to me is what NUMBERS people quoted when I asked them. “How many sick or dead pets did you hear it involved?” “A dozen” “hundreds” the most anyone said was two thousand.
    The self reported in the database is 4,000.
    Now of course this is not scientific, but it might actually be an UNDERCOUNT because we are only talking about the people who 1)Have internet access, filled out the information about their pets who died. The ones that got sick and recovered? Possibly 10’s of thousands. We will never know.
    I asked how they heard about it and what they did to find out more info as well as what their research process was. We bloggers and search engines play a very important role in speading information (or disinformation).
    We came this close (holds fingers together closely) to this getting into the human food supply (in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it did get into the Chinese food supply). The implications of that are what makes this an important issue.
    With the increased globalization of the food supply the odds of this happening to humans goes up.
    When I see some jerkwad at RedState or AdAge going on about how this is just big government wanting to over regulate things that aren’t that big of a deal I want to scream. “THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS GOVERNMENT IS FOR, YOU IDIOT!
    This is from AdAdge blog (gee I wonder where they get their money)

    Your Tax Dollars at Work
    Senate Delcares It’s Love for Dogs
    Apparently, Congress has decided to look into the recent pet-food scare. Despite the fact that pet-food is probably more heavily regulated than people food, there’s never been a problem that couldn’t be solved with more legislation.
    During the course of the discussion, members of Congress stood up to take the brave stance that they are pro-dog, that pets are like people and so forth and so on.
    I’m a big fan of dogs and cats, myself, but I think Dana Milbank’s lead gets it exactly right: “A bomb had struck the Iraqi parliament earlier in the day, but it would take more than that to bring the United States Senate to heel.”
    This sort of foolishness is Exhibit A in why members of Congress should a) be paid $100 a year and b) be allowed to meet for one week out of the year.
    Posted by Ken Wheaton on 04.13.07 @ 11:13 AM | 0 comments

    This person’s ignorance is apparent, and his crack about paying congress 100 dollars makes be suspect he is one of those, people who thinks that the government can do no right as he takes advantage of all the things his government has done right for him.
    The lack of real regulation, as well as testing and tracking method suitable to our modern technology need to be implemented. Seven bloggers and hundreds of commenter’s shouldn’t have had to do the job of people who are experienced in this and whose job should be tied to food safety, not just to their bonuses.

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