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I’m nowhere near as good at this as Scout is, but this seemed to be the easiest way to show you the range of information we gathered while we were down there, travelling through neighborhoods that weren’t flooded (in which the beauty of the city was evident and moving), places that were beginning to rebuild, and places where it looked like the storm was yesterday. These are all photos taken by me or Mr. A.


7 thoughts on “NOLA Images

  1. Thank you. So much ruin… seeing photos of neighborhoods I grew up in and knew as an adult is a crushing experience. My brother keeps telling me not to come back…

  2. Oh A. and Mr A. the video is GREAT!!!!!
    Thank you so much for putting it together.
    I really like the mix of photos
    You 2 are terrific…thanks.

  3. A wonderful job! Thanks for including some old friends of mine.
    Too late I thought we should have gotten pics of you all at Lil Dizzy’s to be the antedote to the one’s of Bush.

  4. Thanks for putting it all together — the videos, the photos, the trip and work itself, and of course the meetup with the wonderful New Orleans folks. (Not to ignore the great individuals in the FirstDraft Krewe, but that should not need to be said.)
    The need in NOLA is nearly unimaginable in its scope and leaves one either speechless and trembling, or sputtering with anger and emotion. But at least we were able to do something.

  5. Thanks for this video of your photos and for your willingness to help out in NOLA. I am a transplanted native and what you folks are doing is nothing short of miraculous. Just keeping the truth about the situation OUT THERE makes a world of difference.
    What remained of my family lost everything – in NO East and Chalmette – and my one surviving sister, having spent more than a year in Houston, has moved back to assisted housing in Metairie.
    I am just amazed by the community I find in blogtopia. Yes, I know skippy coined the phrase.
    With permission,I would like to link to this page so that others may be enlightened.
    blessings to you all.

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