Heckuva Job, Nouri!

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki continues to undercut US efforts in Iraq.

A department of the Iraqi prime minister’s office is playing a leading role in the arrest and removal of senior Iraqi army and national police officers, some of whom have apparently worked too aggressively to combat violent Shiite militias, according to U.S. military officials in Baghdad.

Since March 1, at least 16 army and national police commanders have been fired, detained or pressured to resign; at least nine of them are Sunnis, according to U.S. military documents shown to The Washington Post.

Although some of the officers appear to have been fired for legitimate reasons, such as poor performance or corruption, several were considered to be among the better Iraqi officers in the field. The dismissals have angered U.S. and Iraqi leaders who say the Shiite-led government is sabotaging the military to achieve sectarian goals.

“Their only crimes or offenses were they were successful” against the Mahdi Army, a powerful Shiite militia, said Brig. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, commanding general of the Iraq Assistance Group, which works with Iraqi security forces. “I’m tired of seeing good Iraqi officers having to look over their shoulders when they’re trying to do the right thing.”

2 thoughts on “Heckuva Job, Nouri!

  1. this is advance justification for the coming coup. we’re gonna put a new puppet in who will go after any group that rejects the occupation – starting with Sadr and his supporters. good luck with that morons.

  2. Wasn’t this just copying the success of the US of A firings of AGs for political purposes and performance in prosecuting Democrats?

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