Shoot ‘Em Down!

Chimpy is trying to legitimize some of his recess appointments made during the Easter break.

Nominations Sent to the Senate

Andrew G. Biggs, of New York, to be Deputy Commissioner of Social Security for a term expiring January 19, 2013, vice James B. Lockhart III, to which position he was appointed during the last recess of the Senate.

Let’s see what SourceWatch has to say about Mr. Biggs.

Biggs is a researcher at the Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C., Libertarian think tank. Biggs “has been an outspoken proponent of converting Social Security benefits into self-directed retirement accounts, which Bush favors but Democrats have stopped cold. Bush nominated Biggs to that post in November [2006], but the process stalled in February when the Senate Finance Committee refused to hold confirmation hearings because of his views on privatization.” [2]

Here’s another one.

Susan E. Dudley, of Virginia, to be Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, vice John D. Graham, resigned, to which position she was appointed during the last recess of the Senate.

Again, we turn to SourceWatch.

On April 1, 2007, the Los Angeles Times reported that President Bush “has renominated three people for top jobs affecting the environment who were previously blocked in Congress because of their pro-industry views.” Dudley, one of the three, was renominated to head OIRA. “According to industry lobbyists and Republican aides in Congress, Bush intends to skirt the Senate approval process if necessary by making recess appointments to put the three nominees in the posts,” reported the Times. [5]

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Dudley complained that the Environmental Protection Agency had overstated the benefits of the Toxic Release Inventory. She went on to claim that there were national security risks to the disclosure of the information. “Perhaps more importantly, in light of recent events, EPA has not addressed the risks that making chemical risk information broadly available to potential terrorists can pose,” she wrote. [6]

I expect our Democratic Senate to quickly reject these two nominees.

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  1. They have wrongly assumed that making us fight against their incompetence will tire us out. They think this all distracts us. hah!
    Bush, et al., are a bunch of fools, soon enough unemployed and gladly forgotten not long after.
    The truth will out.

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