Today’s Random Bit of Dumbassery and Whining

In which we learn it’s really, really hard not to be a racist, sexist prick:

Smerconish settled in, did his usual show and emerged unscathed. But his concern is shared by broadcasters from coast to coast as a strange sound echoes across the nation’s airwaves: radio hosts walking on eggshells, trying to avoid Imus’ fate.

Jeff Vandergrift and Dan Lay could not, and now they’re scrambling for work.

The co-hosts of “The Dog House with JV and Elvis” were permanently pulled last weekend from WFNY-FM for an offensive prank phone call, replete with ethnic and sexual slurs, made to a Chinese restaurant.

Their dismissal demonstrated how heightened awareness by advertisers and management, coupled with offended listeners no longer content with “slap on the wrist” punishments, has turned the DJ’s chair into a hot seat in recent weeks.

This is my favorite bit:

Even the most unapologetic of hosts were now apologizing — although not sincerely enough to spare them a suspension. Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia were excoriated for laughing as a homeless man fantasized about raping Condoleezza Rice and Laura Bush during the bad boys’ XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. program.

Hours before their Thursday apology, the pair had griped about the crackdown on content when an ethnic joke was censored from their syndicated New York-based terrestrial radio program. What was next, wondered Cumia — “getting called out by a chicken for doing `why does a chicken cross the road’ jokes?”

Because women and minorities are just like animals, in a way. And rape? That’s just like a knock-knock joke.

What the fuck is wrong with these people, that this is hard work? And that they equate being told that “people don’t like it when you refer to entire ethnic groups by using oudated and nasty stereotypes” with being persecuted like the Hollywood Ten? Sack up, would you please?


9 thoughts on “Today’s Random Bit of Dumbassery and Whining

  1. Yeah the KSFO crowd did a combo of 1) No apologies 2) We did apolgize 3) We never said what you heard we said and 4) We are going to fight back at those bloggers who made us look bad by repeating what we said to the advertisers!
    Today Lee Rodgers was on about how everyone in Venezuela are idiots and Hugo Chavez is a dictator. Just generic name calling. Rosie O’Donnell is a sow.
    Morgan is insulting the French today by hiring a live “Cheese eating surrender monkey.” for events in SF and Las Vegas out side of Reid and Pelosi’s office.

  2. I heard someone else on another blog refer to this kind of thing as “edgy humour.” I said I was rather disturbed that the poster in question thought that blatant racism was “edgy humour” and asked him what decade he thought it was, anyway.
    Spocko, I mentioned your method in my comment, as well, saying that I didn’t think it was unreasonable for someone who’s an out-in-front spokesthing for a major commercial enterprise to find that the invisible hand is giving them the finger if they say something a lot of people find offensive or nasty.
    I wish I had a better response to the “People need to realise there’s no Constitutional right not to be offended,” canard, because I figure that, in the case of private business and private pressure on private business, pointing out that that dog won’t hunt just won’t do it.
    What I don’t understand is why it’s perfectly ok for right-wingers to go after Phil Donahue and Playboy (as the Moral Majority famously did in the early ’80s), but perish forbid anyone to the left of Genghis Khan points out that racism, classism, and sexism on the radio isn’t something sane people like to listen to. (I know, I know, IOKIYAR, and Tu Quoque besides, but still…)

  3. But Interrobang, those right wing radio people with their edgy humor, “enrich our lives.” (snark. just read your live journal on how people treat people with diabilities.)
    I was just listening to Christopher Hitchen’s talk about Falwell on 360. It would have been fun to have him talk to Falwell like that on a live show. It would have been fun to see someone wipe that smirk off his face. I saw a shot of Falwell in a robe at a church event and he looked like the evil “angel” in that Star Trek episode.

  4. That was a terrible episode.
    I’m glad to see a little “PC” action take place on these morning locker-room gabfest shows. I hate them anyway. Just a bunch of grown-up adolescents who think pulling wings off flies is funny. Chuck ’em all out. Free speech ends at the tip of my nose, and these doofuses need to learn that words can be as hurtful as a thrown punch.

  5. Yeek, spocko! Somebody needs to do a photoshop of that image, with Ralph Reed’s face on that geeky-looking redheaded kid in the stripy jumpsuit thing. The fundies are *totally* like those kids.

  6. Here’s the thing that pisses me off about most of these guys: they don’t get the number one rule of “edgy” humor:
    It has to be FUNNY.
    Prank calling a Chinese restaurant and making ethnic slurs? Yawn. What’s creative about that? In what way is that supposed to be funny?
    Take something like Family Guy: Edgy? Yep. Sacred cow bar-b-q? Heck yeah. Offensive? Often. Cringe-inducingly wrong? Yeah, at times.
    That’s not what makes it FUNNY: it’s funny IN SPITE of all that. The morons just can’t seem to “get” that.

  7. on the whole ‘shock’ jocks is just really lame assholery for the stupids. of course i don’t listen to anything but classical stations or NPR.

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