How Did It Come To This?

Oyster asks:

Seriously, how did it come to this?

We “do what it
takes” to build expensive embassies in Baghdad and Beijing, but we
don’t “do what it takes”* to rebuild New Orleans, Louisiana?

We prefer to restore the wetlands for Shia tribes in Iraq rather than restore America’s Wetlandsin South Louisiana?

We pressure other countries to forgive Iraq’s debtsso it can rebuild, but we cannot waive the 10% matchfor a city drowned in a Federal Flood?

We send more Americans and Louisianans to fight and die overseas, while the Iraqi Parliament engages in slapfights, ignores the nation’s business, works between 10-15 hoursper MONTH, tells us to butt out, and makes extended summer vacation plans?

We have a President who commits us to launching manned spaceflights to Marsby
2015, but can’t commit to building big piles of dirt levees to save
South Louisiana? (You see, when it comes to piles of dirt, we must
yield to the “dictates of science”.)

There is more to Oyster’s post “Category 5 Embassies” and I hope you’ll click through for the rest

One thought on “How Did It Come To This?

  1. tough love? they are bad because they didn’t love georgie enough? georgie doesn’t think the world will notice?
    maybe if there were some car bombs, IEDs and mass slaughter georgie would care.

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