Sunday Shopping Post: Because We Need Something Nice Today

I am finding myself with a sort of addiction to soap. I think it’s the heat. I haven’t acclimated to summer yet, and so yesterday’s 89 and humid just about put me away. All I could think about was getting home and into a cool bath.

With some Fluffy Butter Wash in Frangelico Streusel.


The site’s a pain in the ass, a little, in that if the scent descriptions aren’t obvious, you have to read through them all first before you start picking out stuff, but they ship fast, it’s inexpensive for what you get, and their lotions are fantastic. I haven’t tried the hair care, as I’m picky about conditioners, but I just ordered a big bunch of bath salts for a friend.

Go have a nice long soak and feel better. And if there’s a bath product e-tailer you can’t live without, feel free to tell me. I’m always looking for more good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping Post: Because We Need Something Nice Today

  1. I feel for ya. Heat and humidity were one reason I moved out to northern New Mexico from Maryland. I couldn’t STAND any more of it.
    We sleep under a down comforter 12 months out of the year now. I haven’t been stinky sweaty since 1999.

  2. i don’t do baths, but i love’s my vermont country store soaps when it’s dry. summer i can use anything, prefer yardley tho. if vermont weren’t so expensive.
    just opened the special bayberry they had special for Xmas. need more of that!

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