Column: Have Some Pride, Bitches


No wonder so many people listen to Limbaugh when he talks trash about journalists — he’s the only one doing the talking.

How should journalists, and especially news executives like Neuharth, greet those who perpetuate attacks on their profession, their integrity, their necessity?

He could have started by having at least the minimal self-respect to defend himself.

Or, if that isn’t enough, to defend his employees.

Inaction in the face of attack sends a message to the reporters and editors and photographers and artists — the hundreds and hundreds of people doing their jobs to inform the public, who Limbaugh and his imitators collectively deride as “the media” — that they should, in fact, be ashamed of themselves, that they should hang their heads. That they should just shrug off the fact that the loudest voice in the room is the one calling for their heads.

If their bosses won’t stick up for them, won’t say, “This is outrageous and ridiculous, and the people who spout such nonsense ought to be opposed in the loudest voices we have, as the anti-Democratic, anti-free speech, anti-American demagogues they are,” if the people who run the newsrooms in which they work don’t have enough pride in their work to defend it against all comers, then how hard can they honestly be expected to work for those bosses?

Maybe that kind of conflict is what the right-wing talker blowhards want.

But ignoring the bully isn’t making him go away — and the longer he sticks around, the louder he gets.


3 thoughts on “Column: Have Some Pride, Bitches

  1. Oh and speaking about Rush, it’s just HILARIOUS that he calls the media “The Drive By Media”
    Now what image does that bring up?
    Criminals. People with guns who drive by and shoot people
    And what race of people are the current drive by shooters?
    They aren’t white mobsters are they? He is comparing them to the current violent murderers is his casual “joke”.
    When over 150 journalist have been killed to cover Bush’s war maybe calling them killers disgusting and disrespectful of their sacrifice.

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