Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: The Left Made Dumbledore Gay

Guys? Did anybody out there loft a homosexual recently?

She did not REVEAL her character was gay. It is a character. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF SEX. She is pretending it is gay.

The gratuitous news that Dumbeldore was homosexual, and Rowling’s little dig that this will give Christians one more reason to criticize the work, really irks me.

I found the books to be generally well plotted, with good characterization. As works of literature, I think they stand on good ground. But Rowling has definitely gone down a bit in my estimation. Foolish, unnecessary, anti-Christian thing to do. She’s an ass.

Look, I’m not here to condemn homosexuals. I am here to lament the idea of lofting them at every opportunity.

The witchcraft stuff was enough. Now she’s seducing kids into believing that being “GAY” as a wizzard or a HEADmaster is okay too!


You’ve been duped by the LEFT AGAIN!

“Gay” is a contemporary political term for someone who is an active homosexual, and advocates for homosexual activity. Since, in the books, Dumbledore is neither of those, he is not ‘gay’, in the stict sense of the word, so it doesn’t change my enjoyment of the books in the least.

Yep…but also the author wants there to be a deeper message about good and evil…she is saying there was and is a fight between the two and she has 2 characters that personify those attributes.I suppose she could insist that good and evil always hate each other but to raise the level of complexity it certainly makes sense that at times good can be enamored of evil.

It helps explain how Osama bin Laden can believe that killing innocent people is “good” While the author doesnt intend it the effect of her cosmology is that Osama is now out of the closet.

Wait … what?


14 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: The Left Made Dumbledore Gay

  1. That last comment to do w/JK Rowling and her character…”Osama” MUST have been penned by Mr. I-miss-my-Mitt-n Romney who can’t distinguish between Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden…
    dee duh deeeeerrrrrrrrr!

  2. They should never attempt literary criticism, the poor dears. They just don’t have the facilities.

  3. This is your brain on chee-toh dust. Any questions?
    So it’s been like 90 seconds and no one’s lofted ME! And you call yourselves liberals…
    Next time you’re over there. A, start a rumor that brave little Flower was a lesbian mother- that’ll make ’em all twitchy

  4. jeez, they make things ever so serious. i have not read any potter, but it just seemed rather stupid of her to declare this at all.

  5. It must be very tiring, looking at everything in the world through the crazy right-wing lens.
    Funny how everything that conform to the entire Free RepublicWeltanschauung is part of that horrid, devious “Left.”
    Even though, you know, the right-wing view is self-contradictory.

  6. Foolish, unnecessary, anti-Christian thing to do.
    So, homophobia and intolerance are the key tenets of Christianity?
    Good to know.

  7. Homosexuals have been members of and active participants in every culture throughout the world since, well, forever.
    They’ve been part of all the world’s religions, political parties, ethnic groups, tribes, clans, families, whatever.
    There are homosexuals in the Bush administration and in his “faith-based initiative” programs, in Congress, at the Vatican, in the Forbidden City in mainland Communist China, in the Kremlin, in Mecca, in Jerusalem, at Liberty, Trinity and Oral Roberts universities, in public schools, in private schools, wherever.
    And in literature, whether stated or unstated.
    The existence of homosexuals in any society is a fact of life, as it always has been and always will be for as long as there are human beings.
    And, of course, some heterosexuals freak out, especially the conservative ones, the judgmental ones, the intolerant ones.
    So, Dumbledore is gay? So what.
    But the reaction to a fictional character just goes to show how unstable (and relentlessly unmerciful) certain conservative, judgmental, intolerant ones really are.
    But also based on my previous observation that homosexuality is a fact of life that has been with humankind forever, I would have to say that in JK Rowlings’ fictional work that besides Dumbledore some of the students at Hogwarts were gay as well, as would have been the sexual orientation of some of the other students at the other witches and wizards schools.
    Why should you be?
    Except for the magic part, JK Rowlings could have been writing about any “muggle” school anywhere. Religious? Secular? Doesn’t matter.
    Denying that homosexuality is a fact of life, just as heterosexuality is, is like denying that heterosexual Republicans rub shoulders with homosexual Republicans at Republican Party gatherings. It happens all the time.

  8. And one prominent Republican gives shoulder rubs! Film at 11.
    I’m pretty sure homo-lofting went out the door with midget-tossing, but then anything’s possible in Freeperland. That cheeto dust is like pixie confetti, just about hallucinogenic.
    Which would explain a Lot.

  9. “Today on Athenae’f Obfeffion with the Freepi: The Left Made Dumbledore Gay
    Guyf? Did anybody out there loft a homofexual recently?”
    I couldn’t tell if your ufe of the Old German ‘loft’ fpelling was an attempt to inject an 16th Century flair into the great, very great fhock of rightwing realizating that
    Gandalf If Alfo Gay.

  10. I am here to lament the idea of lofting them at every opportunity.
    I agree with the poster: forcing gays into trendy single-room apartments of 1000+ sq. ft. in prime neighborhoods is a disgrace.

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