No Respect

Pakistan tells Chimpy toshove it.

A senior member of Musharraf’s legal team said Wednesday that the United States is more worried about fighting terrorists than about seeing democracy flourish in his country.

Ahmad Raza Khan Qasuri, an advocate at Pakistan’s Supreme Court, also warned the U.S. that “we expect from our friends advice, not dictation. We are a sovereign country.”

“Do we ask for a checklist from the United States, ‘Why did you go to Iraq? Why did you go to Afghanistan?”‘ he said at the Middle East Institute. “The United States, instead of dictation, they should give us friendly advice.”

3 thoughts on “No Respect

  1. Well, we all know how well Bush understands the concept of sovereignty. Look at how he respects the sovereignty of Iraq.
    I’d thought that Rice sounded like an ass when she lectured Pakistan on restoring the Constitution, but then, I suppose the rest of the world is used to seeing our Secretary of State as a complete idiot. Just like her boss.

  2. anybody taking bets on whether we invade Pakistan first or if a covert hitman is sent to take him out?

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