C Ray Not Vote


Oh Man…

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin recently pronounced himself “disgusted”
with apathy among city residents, saying it was “unacceptable” that
only about a quarter of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot in
the Oct. 20 primary.

Turns out the mayor himself has skipped a few elections, according to state records.

Nagin didn’t cast a vote in the October primary, or in two previous
citywide elections in March and May, according to Secretary of State
Jay Dardenne’s office.


“It was kind of offensive to me, because here I am bustin’ my butt
every day and all I’m asking citizens to do is to plug into the
democratic process,” Nagin said, exhorting his fellow New Orleanians to
do better on Nov. 17.

“Take 20 minutes of your time and decide,” he said. “Don’t just let this thing happen without you voicing your opinion.”

Well maybe he voted in suburbanDallas