One thought on “You Keep Me There

  1. Dearest Athenae: Some how I knew you would pick that clip. Just like I knew that Scout would pick hers. Mine would probably be one with CJ where she was running around trying to keep up with the brilliant minds.
    There is a need to keep reminding ourselves that to keep bringing it even in the face of defeat. That clip was interesting because Leo was saying all the conventional wisdom they used to (still?) give politicians. “We don’t have a mandate, we can’t act like we do.” (We don’t have 60 votes, people will think that we are responsible for the budget impass even when it’s Bush’s fault”)
    Yet the people want leadership. Leadership that won’t win re-election is kind of bizarre to them, but I’ll bet actually leadership WILL win it.
    I’m sick of playing the waiting game. It isn’t enough. It might politically the safe thing to do, but how much safer do they want it to be?
    I wrote a post that I didn’t put up called ‘Waiting for the Bad Man to Go Away” Which is what I feel like we are all doing. It was too gloomy for words.
    Barlett made it to the White House and he was still treading water in that episode. We took the House in real life and we are still giving Bush/Cheney everything they want. Of course we bloggers on the outside can’t see the REAL levers of power being pulled and played and they look down at us as not understanding the way the world really works (“It’s about the money.”). But in their cynical hearts they know that they hunger, as we do, for leadership.
    We want someone who will say. “No. We will not play your semantic games with torture. Stop diminishing it, some lying about it.” and “No. We refuse to allow people to break the law and then retroactively make it legal. You rolled the dice and lost, your patron can no longer protect you. You fraked up, you trusted them.”
    I’m tired of them still getting their way. I read a story the other day that “reported” with a straight face that the CIA tapes were destroyed to protect the identity of the agents. As if video blurring hasn’t existed for decades. They media don’t want to even state the obvious lie is a lie.
    “Excuse me, I call b*llsh*t on the “We couldn’t block out the idenities, my teenager with a Mac can do that in about 2 hours are you telling me the CIA doesn’t have the technology that is available in a Powerbook?”
    I think I might writes some of the people who wrote that story and ask them, “Did anyone bother to call bs on that answer? Or did you know it was bs and just write what they said because you couldn’t find someone on the record to say it was bs?”
    We want the media to do their jobs. We want leaders to lead. And when they don’t we need to remind them what they got into this for.

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