Bush Stank Contaminates Pickles

Heh. AnotherPew Poll:

Laura Bush, once almost universally liked, has seen her favorability ratings slip along with her husband’s over the past three years. Currently, a slim majority of Americans (54%) say they have a favorable impression of the First Lady, down from 70% in August of 2004. The number saying they have an unfavorable view of Laura Bush has risen from 18% to 29% over the same time period.

While trending downward, views of Laura Bush have changed less dramatically than have views of her husband over the past five years. The poll, conducted Dec. 19-30 among 1,430 adults nationwide, finds Laura Bush’s favorability rating has fallen by 16 points since August 2004; by contrast, George W. Bush’s favorability has declined by 25 points over the same period (from 58% to 33%).

14 thoughts on “Bush Stank Contaminates Pickles

  1. well, she never rose to the goodhousekeeping’s most admired woman, which normally went to the 1st lady. hillary ratained that. tho i don’t think hillary was #1, lauWa was #3.

  2. I’m surprised that Laura didn’t get the award just from the fact that Barbara Bush is daughter of Marvin Pierce, who was president of McCall’s Corporation (publisher of McCall and Redbook).
    You’d think the insider vote would be enough to push her over the top.

  3. Why does she even have ‘ratings’? For what? My tax dollars better not be paying for any of this shyt!
    To this day I cannnot look her directly in the eye, I have to turn my head slightly and squint down.

  4. She’s always come across to me as a stepford wife. Better keep her out of the rain or she might rust.

  5. All Bush loosers are getting whacked,some more than others, but there really is NO GLORY IN WHUPPIN’UP on a “lady” who is stuck with the mess SHE is stuck with…
    and a little MERCY never hurts!

  6. oldgringo – she’s only as stuck as a phone call to her lawyer. And, SHE opted for this. And SHE hasn’t made any moves to counteract anything her worthless closet-case of a husband has done. Not even spoken out. She could have left him at ANY time unless Bar and Poppy have warned her for her ‘safety’…in which case, she’s a hostage and unless she is declared an enemy combatant, that’s illegal…STILL.
    To Laura, I paraphrase from “Animal House” – “Stoned, Numb and Vapid are no way to go through life, Laura!”
    And while I’m at it – learn to dress for your body type lady – belted prom dresses in iridescent taffeta are NOT your look. Baby shit brown, NOT your look. Vampira’s Tomb lipstick is NOT your look. Xanaxed to the hilt is NOT…oh wait, that IS your look!

  7. I think after a while, people start saying to themselves, “Why doesn’t she speak up? Why doesn’t she convince him to do otherwise?” Especially on his SCHIP veto, things like that, where you really WANT the First Lady front and center advocating for children’s interests, and she’s … absent.
    I never had much of an opinion about her, but I think the difference between her and Hillary as First Lady was that whatever people felt Hillary had to put up with from Bill, they could also clearly see that she and her husband agreed on the things that mattered, which to a lot of people, especially married people, spoke volumes.

  8. And don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be snarking on her clothes if she actually did ANYTHING remotely reminiscent of Eleanor Roosevelt, but since she hasn’t, I will whale away at the mess that is the current occupier of the role of First Spouse. And since he was appointed ‘pResident’ I consider her the “Foist(ed on us) Lady”.

  9. no, I sure don’t have to give her anything. She has been party to the wasting of our tax monies and young lives in a war for profit. She knew the ‘company’ she was going to be a part of when she took the pill to be her ‘awfully’ wedded husband. she may not like it now, but w/all the meds she can afford, she doesn’t have to think about it if she doesn’t want to.

  10. While it might be unfair to criticize someone for her husband’s actions, even his atrocities, I have no hesitation in calling her out for the things she has said and done publicly. A few months ago she was on Larry King (hey! I was playing a video game and couldn’t step away to change the channel) and said two really dumb things. The first was that everything’s just peachy in Iraq except for “that one bombing everyday”. The second was about “this great economy”, when everyone in the real estate business has known for over a year that the house of cards was coming down. That puts her in the category of brainless, right-wing pundit, even if she doesn’t have fake blonde hair and an Adam’s apple that really makes you wonder. Also, remember, Laura is the only Bush besides Poppy who knows the pleasure of killing someone with your own hands, instead of ordering someone else to do it and jerking off to the video.

  11. Well, she’s unspeakably evil for propping up that throwback to the bronze age, Lunkhead McPretzel, but I’m sorry, she’s a rather hot-lookin’ old coug…
    That whole prissy, demure, pent-up repressed schoolmarm thing…

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