Tornadoes death toll at 54


(Lafayette,TN — Photo: REUTERS/Josh Anderson)

Monkeyfister is blogging on the devastation to the Mid-South from tornadoes. Hereports that the death toll is at 54 and rising and asks for bloggers to post on what is happening…

I don’t ask for much from my readers, but I sure would appreciate some
link love on this post– or better yet– if you’d work-up something of
your own linking to the Mid-South Red Cross Chapter to help this area
get back on it’s feet, re-building, and healing. It’d mean an awful lot
to many. A bit of a small-blog swarm would be a mighty thing.

Hehas links at this post on places to make donations.

Monkeyfister will surely have more sokeep checking his blog

One thought on “Tornadoes death toll at 54

  1. Thanks for passing this on, scout. I’m e-mailing friends and family the links now.
    Love and good wishes to all affected, and kudos to Monkeyfister for trying to spread the word.

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