41% Want To Cut Off ALL Funding For Iraq War

Chimpy’s job approval rating slipped three percentage points in the latest Fox News Poll(two points above his all-time low in that poll) but these two paragraphs in Fox’s analysis of their poll results really struck me:

Some congressional opponents to the president’s plan have suggested they may use the “power of the purse” to prevent additional troops being sent to Baghdad.A clear majority of Americans — 57 percent — says if they were in Congress they would vote against funding the troop increase; 38 percent would vote for it.

On the broader question of cutting off all money for the war, views are more mixed. Just over half (52 percent) say they would vote to continue funding the current level of U.S. troops in Iraq, and 41 percent would vote against funding the war altogether to try to force a troop withdrawal.

That’s right, a solid majority – 57% – would cut off funding for the Surge if they could, while a rather large minority – 41%! – would cut off ALL FUNDING for Chimpy’s Vanity War.

There’s more.

A majority of Americans consider President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq his last chance for victory there, according to a new FOX News poll.

Overall, the president’s plan receives only minority support, and that comes mainly from his party faithful. A large part of the public’s opposition to the plan could be based on the fact that most see it as a continuation of the same strategy, rather than as a real change.


By 59 percent to 36 percent, Americans oppose sending more U.S. troops to Iraq, not only because most believe it is unlikely the plan will succeed, but also because few voters see the plan Bush announced last week as a significant change to current policy.

The level of support for sending additional troops to Iraq is remarkably similar to Bush’s job rating. Roughly one in three Americans — 35 percent — approves of the job Bush is doing, down slightly from 38 percent approval in early December, and just 2 percentage points above his record low of 33 percent (April 2006). A 58 percent majority disapproves of the president’s job performance today.


About one in four voters (24 percent) thinks the plan announced by Bush last week represents a “real change” in U.S. strategy in Iraq, while a majority — 61 percent — rejects that idea and says it is not a change in strategy at all.


What will happen if the United States loses the war? Views are mixed, as nearly half of Americans (46 percent) believe terrorists would be encouraged to attack the United States again, while almost as many (43 percent) think losing in Iraq will make no difference to whether there are future attacks.


One thought on “41% Want To Cut Off ALL Funding For Iraq War

  1. I think that we need to evacuate Iraq immediately, and come home. I am a the common Joe in every way possible. And I know that the way the congress should stop the war is just cut off all the money for the war. President Bush would then have to bring the troops home. The ancient egyptians, greeks, romans, and many other civilizations did this to end their wars. If I can see this why can’t the congress who went to schools like Harvard and other top Universities see this. I am a democrat and I voted to get the democrats to have control of the congress. If they are going to let the republicans do what ever I might as well either voted republican or not voted at all.

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