Column: Just Say You’re Sorry, Doug


The key to being really, really, really bad at your job, apparently, is to be so brazenly bad about it that people are too astonished to call you on it.

The above sentence is the first entry in a long list of things I learned about life from watching the Bush administration. I’d call it “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” but I understand that title’s taken.

Watching former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith on “60 Minutes” Sunday night and reading his new book, I’m struck more than ever by the truth of it.


2 thoughts on “Column: Just Say You’re Sorry, Doug

  1. A.,
    I love reading your columns. After years of basking in the spark and fire of your blog posts, I am intrigued by what you SAY in your columns, not necessarily what is written.
    Case in point, in the last sentence, I always thought you spelled ‘utterly’ with an ‘f’.
    I love it when you throw the hammer! …and the sink!

  2. He won’t say he is sorry. He might have done one of those, “I take full responsibility.” thingambobs where they don’t have to be accountable just say the magic words and that some how gets you off the hook.
    Where you are sorry you need to make amends.
    Responsibility also involves accountability.
    He is neither sorry or accountable. But he should be both.

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