Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House, after meeting the provincial governors of Afghanistan.

There Is Concerns

Secondly, there’s concerns about unemployment, about economic development.

People… People Who Remember People… Are The Luckiest People… In The World

Some provinces are quiet, and the governor wondered whether or not, because it’s quiet, people remember the people in the province exist.

What Other Provinces Have Got

Other provinces have got some difficult security problems.

That The People Are Being Able

And I shared with them our desire to help them succeed, because one of the things that really matters in democracy is that local governance is strong and good and honest, that the people are being able to see the benefits of democracy.

What The Provincial Governors Of Afghanistan Have Got

They’ve got a very busy schedule.


I’m now going to show them the Oval Office — a shrine to democracy.

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  1. The Oval Office as a “shrine to democracy”? Not as long as he occupies it, it isn’t.

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