13 thoughts on “Crack Van

  1. Y’know, I’m a little worried. We’ve had a regular stream of Crack Vans because of the primary season. What happens when that’s over? (Okay, I mean after the celebrations…) Can we Crack Van the eight-kazillion Presidential debates? Because honestly, I don’t think I could stand to listen to John McCain’s Bizarro-World/Mirror-Universe-Mr. Rogers cadences without considerable crack support.

  2. Buggy, we will TOTALLY crack van the debates. It’ll be epic. You’ll tell your kids you were THERE, man.
    (The 2004 debates were only tolerable with lots of liquor and liveblogging; I don’t see 2008 being any different.)

  3. Isn’t that supposed to be North Carolina?
    hold on!!!!! We’re turnin’ this mutha around…
    [spins wheel wildly while trying to remove ferret from rearview mirror]

  4. on the radio yesterday i think, they liked using their nicknames. palmetto state, buckeye. don’t remember which one NC is.

  5. It’s also known as “The Old North State”.
    For non-UNC fans, I think they prefer that one over “The Tarheel State”.

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